Research & Development

Research & Development

We were pioneers among Indian pharmaceutical companies to see tremendous value in investing in research & development (R&D). Our early investments in R&D, beginning three decades ago, enabled us to make technology our key differentiator and develop a basket of robust products for diverse markets across the world. Our core strength lies in our ability to excel in developing generics and technologically complex products through focused teams in formulations, process chemistry and analytical development. We have the capability to deliver quality products within established timelines, at low costs and without compromising on quality.

Our scientists have expertise in developing generics, difficult to make technology intensive products, Novel Drug Delivery Systems (NDDS).

Our capabilities span the development of differentiated products, such as Effervescent Tablets, Fast release Vaginal Tablets, Sustained Release Dosage Forms etc.

Our knowledge in pharmaceutical research help us to produce products of a diverse range of Novel Delivery Systems spanning Oral and Topical Dosage Forms. Our formulation expertise lies in the areas of taste masking, spray-drying, drug-layering.

Our scientists work closely with our business development team to generate innovative concepts and ideas, exploiting both market needs and synergies across therapeutic areas. We invest around 10 per cent of our revenues annually in research.

Our research capability has not only paid us rich dividends in terms of business, but also earned for us an enviable reputation for quality and capability. The most striking proof of this came when we launched first time Ciprofloxacin in Suspension form and been recognized by the Indian FDA, Most recently we developed the Lactobacillus Vaginal tablets which is been recognized by the Indian FDA and well accepted by the medical fraternity across India and other countries.

Our R&D centers have been audited and approved by DSIR the regulatory body of Indian FDA.